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  • Instructor Testimonial: Girlfriend Collective

  • Ride with Pride 2021

    At Boom Cycle we live (and ride) with pride every day of our lives and want you to help us ensure others can too. Here's what we have in store for 2021 to support our LGBTQ+ team members and community!

  • Instructor Testimonial: Skimmed Milk

  • Instructor Testimonial: Girlfriend Collective

  • Instructor Testimonial: Born Nouli

  • Let Joy tell you all about stretching & riding!

    Ahead of her workshop with us, Joy shares her top tips on stretching to work alongside your favourite way to exercise AKA Boom Cycling, prehab/rehab and the importance of seeing a physio.

  • TWO is better than one!

    Celebrating International Friendship Day, let's discover the power of pairs here at Boom...

  • Own your workout with Bangs

    We tapped into the creative mind of our Dean of BOOM'iversity, Bangs and share some of her great advice for getting your sweat on and owning the day...

  • 6 Yoga Poses Every Boomer Should Try

    A lack of proper stretching can lead to tight, stiff muscles. Give these simple yoga postures a go, we promise you’ll feel the benefits...

  • No Gym? No Problem!

    We don't always get time to head out for a workout, but never fear! We've got your back, so you can at least fit in a little bodyweight workout at home without interfering with your day...