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Why We Ride

BOOM – Why We Ride


Boom Cycle is much more than just a way to keep fit – there’s the beats, the people, the vibe. 

But for Boomers, it goes beyond that.

We want to shine a light onto the world of our riders and what Boom Cycle means to them, because for each of us there is a reason for why we ride.

Back in February we had photographer James Cannon take some epic shots of some of you beloved Boom Cyclers immediately after a ride to show what it looks like to push oneself out of the comfort zone and to show what strength actually looks like instead of all the posing, abs-out shots we see on social media and in magazines and we're so pleased with how they turned out.

Check out our social media channels this week and next to see some of the great shots and learn the reasons some of your fellow Boom Cycler's ride!