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Say Hello to our Battersea neighbour, Executive Chef & CEO Vivek Singh from Cinnamon Kitchen

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Say Hello to our Battersea neighbour, Executive Chef & CEO Vivek Singh from Cinnamon Kitchen

Vivek Singh, Executive Chef & CEO of Cinnamon Kitchen, is one of the most successful and respected modern Indian British chefs with four renowned London restaurants and one Oxford restaurant to his name. His refined approach to Indian cuisine changed the perception of Indian food in the UK and his reputation has continued to grow with the publication of six cookbooks, media appearances and a regular guest slot on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen.

We sat down with Vivek and chatted all things food, inspirations and how he #CutLoose!

Howdy neighbour! Why did you choose BPS to expand your collection to?

VS - I’m a bit of a sucker for iconic locations and interesting settings and BPS is right up there with the best you can find! My other locations are The Old Westminster Library, an old Spice warehouse of the East India company, and now an Old Power Station location, just love it.

I just love the energy, buzz and vibrancy in the neighbourhood. It’s diverse, young and open, I feel this is going to be one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in the times to come.

We know a lot of your cocktails and bar bites are inspired by Delhi Jaipur Pink City Express route - is this something close to your heart?

VS - Not just this route, but train journeys are something very close to my heart growing up. Before air travel became so accessible, most people would travel 24-36 or even longer journeys on train, admiring the country side passing by, meeting new people as strangers and leaving as friends sometimes, trying different foods, sharing trying, loving and hating!

Mumbai Jaipur Route is one of the best routes to try street food in the country and I got this idea sitting in the space when it was still a building site, the rumblings of the trains passing above got me hungry remembering the food in trains, and this menu was born! Pop in for a drink and try it for yourself!

Is there any exclusive dishes we can find in the Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea to enjoy after a fun and hardcore Boom Cycle ride?

VS - There are several things to choose from the every extensive menu. But it’s an absolute heaven if you’re vegetarian or vegan! You can have a healthy fruit quinoa salad or avocado hummus if you’re feeling good, or the Bombay Pao Bhaji if you feel a little naughty.

The kale and quinoa kofta is vegan and comes with loads of feel good factor, but if you wish to murder a steak, then the rump of lamb is very popular too.

Here at Boom Cycle we trust in doing things that make us feel good and we love to celebrate them. To Boom Cycle, this is CuttingLoose. How do you #CutLoose? Is innovating new dishes your passion? What else do you do to #CutLoose?

VS - Feel good is very important and I love to # CutLoose too. I dabble into lots of things. Sometimes I  #CutLoose with music, I paint (badly) and try pottery (really bad) ,other times I #CutLoose by withdrawing myself from the chaos and finding my inner peace and inspiration, I come out feeling I can really beat anything.

Other times I #CutLoose by simply helping other people around me do what makes them happy, and that is a pretty cool feeling too.


Want a change on the usual eggs and avo for brunch? Well aren't you lucky...we've teamed up with our neighbours, the new Cinnamon Kitchen at BPS for your ultimate Saturday! Simply purchase the 'Spin & Spice' credit on our website to book into the 12pm class, collect your REN gift at check in and head(or roll...) to the restaurant for the tastiest and flavoursome brunch!

Date: Saturday 27th October 2018
Cost: £30, includes ride, lunch and REN gift
Book: Via purchasing special "Spin & Spice" credit and booking into 12pm class of the day, or call the Battersea studio at 020 3034 0711

In addition to 'Spin & Spice', starting from this week every Thursday through November, ride with us on the day and show your class confirmation email to get a complimentary Mango Sour or G&T when you purchase dinner at Cinnamon Kitchen. Let happy hour commence!