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TWO is better than one!

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TWO is better than one!

In celebration of International Friendship Day, we're diving into the wonders of working out with a partner!



When you book your class on your own, the snooze button just seems so tempting when you're hungover. On the other hand, if you've planned a workout date with your friend, you're so much more likely to show up, because who would stand their friend up? #Committed


When you show up as a pair, you share your progress as a pair. There's a bond you create and share with the person next to you as you struggle, sweat and fight through that 60-second long heavy surge. With a person you trust sat next to you in class, you celebrate your success together!

200% effort

In a study done by Kansas State University, people who exercise with a partner (who they think might be better at it) could increase their workout time and effort by as much as 200%. In another study by the Society of Behavioural Science, showed that working with a partner, especially in a group format will improve performance. Our take on this? Switch the perspective on the class from a task you tackle as a lone ranger and turn it into a social activity, you tend to push a little bit more and give more effort!

New discoveries

Exercising together with a mate not only motivates you but it will probably push you to try new things too. Your friend might suggest you to try a class by an instructor who you've never been to, or you might bring your friend to a new studio where they've never set foot in - you never know, by diversifying you might find your new favourite!


Ready to take on challenges with a friend this time? We're kicking off 4 weeks of "Bring a Friend for Free" at our four studios - one studio, one week at a time!

Week 1 (30th July - 5th August): Hammersmith
All 7:15pm classes on weekdays

Week 2 (6th - 12th August): Monument
All 12:30pm classes on weekdays

Week 3 (13th - 19th August): Battersea
All 7:30am classes on weekdays

Week 4 (20th - 26th August): Holborn
All 5:20pm classes on weekdays

All you need to do is book your bike here, then call the studio to reserve your friend's spot!