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Meet Kelly Pietrangel, The Mama Motivator!

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Meet Kelly Pietrangel, The Mama Motivator!

Calling all busy mums - The Boom Cycle / Project Me ‘Mama Ride’ event is coming to Hammersmith on Tuesday 27th February! Simply register at and book your place- Click here to get started!

On Tuesday 27th February, Naomi W will lead you through a 45 minute motivational ride with music by powerful females, followed by a talk with ‘The Mama Motivator’ herself, Kelly P from Project Me. Kelly will be signing copies of her new book, Project me for Busy Mothers: A Practical Guide to Finding a Happier Balance and giving you more tips and tricks for the Health area of your life.

Book yourself in for some well-deserved Mama Me Time on Tuesday 27th February - tickets also include a signed copy of Kelly's new book! In the meantime, let's get to know The Mama Motivator a little better...

Hey Kelly! Tell us a bit about yourself...

I’ve spent the first half of my life in the USA and the second half in London, making me a kind of Yank-Brit hybrid. One of my kids calls me ‘mom’, the other calls me ‘mum’. I used to work in a string of ridiculously fun jobs in the entertainment industry, including being Johnny Depp’s Press Assistant, then making music videos, then becoming a record cover designer. My husband is bored to death with my celebrity stories, so I try to tell them when he’s not around! 


What inspired you to start Project Me?

My boys are teenagers now but I found the early days of motherhood really tough. I gave up my career to have kids and really lost my identity along the way. I started ‘Project ME’ for myself and never imagined at the time it would become a global concept. The website,, was launched in 2013 and mothers all over the world are now using my tools and strategies to be their best selves more often. Plenty of women (and a few men) without kids love it too!

The first step is to complete the (free) Project Me Life Wheel® assessment to see where you’re currently in or out of balance. By breaking your life down into 8 Key Life Areas, you can more easily pinpoint any parts of your life that are being neglected. When one area is not getting the attention it needs, it can have a negative knock-on effect on other areas too. Once you have this birds-eye-view of your life, you can be more objective about what’s working and what’s not, then take some small step actions to improve things. People are amazed at how simple and effective this short exercise is.


You're known as ‘The Mama Motivator’. What tricks can you offer to help others stay motivated?

Let’s use the Health life area as an example. Some people are deeply motivated from within and don’t need anyone kicking them up the backside to turn up for exercise. As long as they are enjoying it and getting the results they’re after, they’ll keep doing it. 

Other people are far more motivated if they have some kind of outside accountability. Having a personal trainer, being a part of a team, or having other people to exercise with increases motivation, as can the incentive of external rewards. This is why the Boom Cycle loyalty card is such a great idea - and why booking in your bike ahead of time and turning up at the scheduled time to ride with a group of others is so uplifting and motivating! 

My biggest motivational tip when it comes to fitness is to schedule it in every week. I created this Project Me Weekly Fitness Planner so you can plot out your fitness for the week ahead. Ink it in and stick to it! There’s a space to write your overarching Big Burning Goal, then another to write in your specific goal this week. You’re far more motivated to work out when you constantly remind yourself of your WHY. Why do you want to exercise? Why is the Health & Fitness area of your life important to you? You have to know why you’re doing something if you’re going to keep it up. 


How important is taking ‘Me’ time?

Creating some space in your day to do things just for you is essential to your happiness and wellbeing, yet it’s hard when there’s always so much else that needs doing. How can you relax and not think about that massive to-do list that’s only getting longer?

The truth is, if you’re running yourself ragged every day without coming up for much air, you’re not going to be your best self. When you’re not being your best self you don’t like yourself much. When you don’t like yourself you create ‘bad weather’ in your home and with the people you interact with. 

I absolutely view my fitness sessions as Me time. It’s something I’m doing just for me. I also need plenty of quiet time. I’m right in the middle of the introvert / extrovert scale and I’ve discovered that I gain my energy from having regular doses of quiet time to myself.

If your day has flown past without doing anything for you, quality Me time can happen in the evenings by setting a ‘winding down’ alarm and doing something to nurture yourself. I love to have a bath, light some candles, breathe and unwind before cosying up in bed with my journal, an inspiring book or a guided meditation. You don’t have to do this every night, but if you’ve had a rough day, it’ll feel like an indulgent treat and will set you up for a better day tomorrow. 


How do you use exercise to fuel your happiness? How does it fit into your life wheel?

I love variety in my fitness and love to chop and change things up to keep it interesting. I discovered my love of spinning in New York and was beyond excited to learn that Boom Cycle was opening up a studio near my house in Hammersmith. For me it ticks off several areas of my Life Wheel all at once! The Health area (obviously), but also Fun (I have such a laugh and I love the music!), the Love area (as my husband and I go together), Family (our two teenagers are into it too, making it a fun family hour together), and I’d even say it ticks the Personal Growth box too as many of the Boom Cycle instructors say really beautiful words about being our best self and pushing through our limits. I love that!


It seems Project me is all about empowering people to take life by the horns and make it work better for them. What are your top 3 tips for us about how to lead happier more balanced lives when we get to a state of feeling frazzled?

Yes, I’m a huge advocate of living a well balanced life and for empowering people with tools and strategies to get themselves back on track when they’ve drifted off-piste.

Feeling ‘in balance’ doesn’t mean that all of life is flowing perfectly, nor is it about giving the same amount of energy to all areas of your life simultaneously. It’s about being aware of what needs your focus at any given time and recognising the symptoms of feeling out of balance before things get out of hand. 

1. Notice your own warning signals for being out of balance, such as overwhelm, stress, anxiety or a lack of inspiration or fulfilment.

2. Do regular self-check-ins with the Project Me Life Wheel® to pin-point what’s up.

3. Use a Challenge Solver action sheet to dig deeper and come up with solutions. The answers usually lie within you, it’s just a matter of putting a pen to paper and allowing them to come forth. Then take action on whatever ideas you come up with! 


What is your favourite part of the work you do?

I love running workshops, online programmes, retreats and working with people one on one and seeing the transformation that takes place once they start getting proactive about their own happiness.  I am constantly inspired by them and it keeps me motivated and driven. It’s a real win-win and is so deeply rewarding. It honestly beats any of those other jobs I ever used to do.