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Sunday Service with the one and only, Hilary

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Sunday Service with the one and only, Hilary

Growing up in middle America I went to Catholic school until college so for a full 18 years, the structure of my life included quite a lot of church - with school through the week and/or on Sundays with the family as well as lots of singing in church choirs! I quit being religious in this way when I was 15, but the one thing that always stuck with me was the music - mainly the singing, the harmonies, the feeling it created and the coming together of people (which I believe the music helped immensely).

When I started to hear gospel house or house music with churchy-lyrics come through my music discovery process, it took me back to those feelings I got from similar music as a child. I found myself very moved again. If you can get past all the traditional ‘god’ stuff, the lyrics can be incredibly inspiring of hope, joy and commitment to personal change for the better! I wanted to do this ride for the absolute energy of the music - I hope you feel as moved as I do when you hear it!