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Skin In Motion: Instructor Review

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Skin In Motion: Instructor Review


The tinted moisturiser is a great colour match for my skin and didn’t feel heavy or caked on like some other products do! I do think this is a great product for those who aren’t as confident with their skin and wish to wear something light for a workout.

I sweat a lot so by the end of my workout I’d already wiped most of it off. I’d definitely use this post ride if I had plans.

The wipes are a good product with a nice scent. They're also a great size to carry around in a gym bag.

The mist is a nice cooling spray for mid and post workout. Realistically I wouldn’t use this when instructing a class but definitely after.


I am very pleasantly surprised with the products! The tinted moisturiser feels light and fresh on my skin. In terms of the tint, I haven't particularly noticed a difference but I expected that to be the case considering how dark my natural complexion is. So therefore it has only acted as a nice moisturiser.

The Cool It mist was a skin treat with the heat wave we've been having. Super refreshing.

I actually had a touch of the Lift It mascara on for today's shoot and considering how sweaty I was, you'd have never known as it didn't run at all and I felt gave my lashes a nice pop.

I have worn the Mascara for not one but TWO spin classes and it has stayed put. The brush gives nice coating on the lashes as well!

The tinted moisturiser feels good on the skin and provides light coverage whilst not giving you a towel full of make up during your class.