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Denise tells us how to BOOM in life, whilst juggling Motherhood and more...

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Denise tells us how to BOOM in life, whilst juggling Motherhood and more...

Hi Denise! Tell us abut yourself: What’s your name, what’s your story?

My name is Denise, a mother of 2. I worked in radio and then when I got married I ditched my media career and became a PT and Pilates Instructor and had my own studio for a while until I got pregnant with my first child. When my son was 3 I became a spin instructor which I absolutely loved and then got pregnant again shortly after with my daughter. I am currently a full-time stay at home mum. I have a blog and I'm now in an exciting position to get back in the wellness scene!

Exciting! With 2 kids with you, what are the challenges you find with being a Mum in London, as in the current wellness scene?

The wellness scene is so accessible in London which I think is amazing and I'm excited that it's only going to increase. However, I think the biggest challenge for me is having the time to be a consumer of what is on offer with a child that is with me most of the day. My daughter is not yet old enough to start school and goes to nursery a few hours a week. With so much to do and manage, I have to prioritise how I spend my free time and too often self-care is at the bottom of the list. Also energy levels after dealing with 2 kids can be low and the last thing I want to do is exercise when I have put them to bed. I am currently trying my best to exercise at 5.30am while the kids are still asleep and my husband is still at home, so I can exercise first thing in the morning and relax in the evening!

We hear you! Do you have any tips to new Mums out there?

Yes - try not to put pressure on yourself to be back in shape after your baby has been born.

When exercising try not to focus on what you used to be like. I used to go for a run and be out of breath in seconds thinking how I used to run 10k 3x a week which then find going out for a run too overwhelming which ultimately lost interest.

Consistency is key to real change. It's better that you aim to take small steps in change and maintain what you have achieved, rather than launch into something huge and bail out because it's too unrealistic to accomplish in the season you are in. For me I feel I am more myself than I was when I had a very young child and have the mental capacity to focus on my goals.

Boom Cycle is all about cutting loose and enjoying life to the fullest. What do you do to switch off and have fun for yourself?

I'm really into gin at the moment and having a good laugh with some friends over dinner. I love listening to live music too especially rock!

MUMS NIGHT (SP)IN at Boom Cycle is the chance to develop your health and fitness goals in the new year. Meet likeminded mums to enjoy an energising and fun ride, refreshments as well as a panel talk with expert opinions to help boost your wellness and confidence in motherhood.

Panel includes pilates Instructor/Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy teacher/author Anya Hayes, freelance fashion stylist Yvadney Davis #MumsThatSlay, personal trainer Alice Rickard, hosted by speaker/blogger Denise Gray

Date: Thursday January 17th 2019

Time: 18:30 - 21:00

Location: Boom Cycle Hammersmith, 10 Hammersmith Grove, W6 7AP, London