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Meet the person behind 'Mind Body Bowl'!

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Meet the person behind 'Mind Body Bowl'!

Annie Clarke, creator of the popular Mind Body Bowl blog, shares her journey from poor health to strength and happiness by way of her three pillars of wellness – a healthy mind; a fit body and delicious new recipes. 

Inspired by Annie's own experience, this book is a celebration of eating well and finding the right balance for you. Mind Body Bowl helps to guide and sign post some key parts of the journey towards connecting with our own body and mind in order to find our own individual sense of balance. We get to know our author a little better below.

Annie will also be at our 'Meet The Author' event on Saturday 13th Jan. Tickets include a Q&A with Annie plus a copy of her new book.

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Hi Annie! Can you tell us how Mind Body Bowl came about?

In the early days, Mind Body Bowl was mainly about food. I changed my lifestyle because my body wasn't agreeing with the food that I was eating. But over time I realised that my wellbeing was so much more than what I ate and so over time it evolved to be a more well-rounded approach to what it is to live a balanced lifestyle.


What does a typical day currently look like for you?

No two days are ever the same! On Mondays, I teach 4 yoga classes so I tackle my emails in the gaps, and try to move my body. I have a nice gap in the afternoon where I try to get to a yoga class to start my week in a mindful way. The rest of my week tends to fill up with classes, meetings and writing. I love the variety!


What made you decide to a launch a book?

I'm dyslexic, so writing a book was never on the agenda. In truth, I said 'no' the first few times, because I didn't have the confidence in what it was that I wanted to share. 

When I finally went for it, the process of writing was amazing for helping me figure out exactly what it was that I believed in.


What can readers expect?

A three-pillared approach (Mind, Body, Bowl) which are introduced and woven together to help give the reader tools for navigating their own journey to a stronger, more balanced body and mind!


What is the key message that you want readers to walk away with?

There is no single way to find balance. We have to do the work, connecting to ourselves, in order to find what works for us. We are individuals and our needs are so different from each other that in order to feel our best, we have to tune-in to ourselves!


Finally, any New Year’s Resolutions?

To take myself a little more seriously. I never set out to grow a business and was fortunate enough to have some amazing experiences by just being open, but I am trying to get clear on my goals and where I want to take myself and my business!

Fancy meeting Annie and grabbing a copy of her book? You can book your bike here for our 'Meet the Author' event on Saturday 13th January.