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Meet Simon, our rider who leaves his footprint all over the world

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Meet Simon, our rider who leaves his footprint all over the world

Kicking off our "Get to know our riders" series, this week we've caught up with our Hammersmith rider Simon, fresh from his JFK-LHR flight where he shares with us the joys of his ever-exciting career and why he Booms!

Hey Simon, we see you around Hammersmith quite often - what do you do for your 9-5?

I’m an Onboard Manager and Cabin Crew for an international airline, flying from Heathrow and Gatwick to long haul destinations. So 9-5 for me doesn’t actually exist! I fly up to 100 hours a month across 8 time zones. It’s the only career I’ve ever wanted, from being 6 years old.

How long have you been coming to Boom?

I started in May this year. The ethos of Boom Cycle was too appealing to not try. It’s complemented my lifestyle brilliantly!

What motivates you to come to Boom?

The energy when you walk in, there’s always a smile. Once the lights are turned low, the scented candles practically flicker and pulse to the beats. It’s the quality time for me and the zoning out that’s most restorative. (And Prosecco Fridays, cheers all!)

Well we must ask this question...who's your favourite instructor?

Oh can I have two!? Anna, as she was my first instructor! And Tom, his positive energy radiates in the studio and both their playlists are spot on to my taste.

What’s the best and worst thing about being a frequent traveler by trade?

Best thing? Monday blues don’t exist in my industry. Working within an airline is 24/7 and the only monotonous thing is the constant change. It’s so fulfilling to care for people from every walk of life. 

The worst thing? When you’re over-tired, your emotions are all over the place. Sometimes you just need a hug and home comforts!

What is the most challenging thing in your role and your favourite thing about your job?

The most challenging part of my job, is every day I check in, I have a new team to build. Cabin Crew are amazing individuals with so many skills and qualities that a CV wouldn’t have enough room for. The connection has to happen almost instantly, and then I may never work with them again!

The favourite thing? The Autonomy! When we are flying at 40,000ft, we have the scope to truly make a customers experience exceptional. For my team, when I empower them to be ambassadors of their own personal brand... customers are always left astounded at how memorable the service is we offer. It’s nice to be able to look after people and offer them a bit of time to just have all to themselves. It’s the most special part of flying.

Your job gives us serious #wanderlust. What’s your favourite city to visit/fly to (or maybe top 3 if choosing one is too hard)?

San Francisco and Los Angeles. They are both such sprawling cities that every time I go, I can do something totally different. Cape Town is also truly amazing; The vineyards, the people, Table Mountain. But my favourite city is London, there’s nothing like landing back and being home in Hammersmith.

How do you stay active when you’re travelling so much?

My running shoes go with me everywhere (which my friends all think are ridiculous because they are the 5 finger barefoot runners, and what?!) It’s daunting to be in a new place sometimes, but running somehow makes you feel more anonymous than wandering and not knowing your way.

Best (secret) travel tip for our Boomers?

Pack to the absolute minimum. Get mini toiletries pots you can decant just what you need into. And be organised, faffing at security is literally soul destroying if you’re not prepared. Secret tip - buy some sweet treats for the crew looking after you...a little gesture to the team is always so appreciated ;)

Do share with us...your most memorable moment in your career!

It was the time when I served on the inaugural flight to Atlanta - Rudimental and Gorgon City performed a live DJ set onboard which was also streamed worldwide online from 30,000ft above. The atmosphere was phenomenal, with vocalist and artist going up and down the aisle performing to the audience where everyone was partying! It was also the flight where I met my definitely a flight to remember!