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Meet Boom's Sultan of Swag...

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Meet Boom's Sultan of Swag...

You'll often find Rose in one of our studios, rocking the bike and leading a party of riders through 45mins of pure fun. Find out a few more of her other talents within Boom...

Hey Rose! While a lot of people will know you as the super-bubbly and ridiculously energetic instructor, they might not know that you’re also a Boom Cycle Master Trainer. What does that entail?

As a Master Trainer for Boom Cycle, I support our Head Trainer and 'Dean', Bangs in training the new instructors through 'Boomiversity'. This covers everything from choosing songs, building a playlist and making sure they have challenging and fun choreography. I also work with our current instructors if they need any help and support. Most days you will find us in the studios working on music or practicing on the bike. 

In addition to being a Boom Cycle Master Trainer, you’re also ‘The Sultan of Swag’ for Boom Cycle - can you tell us a bit about that role and how you got into it?

Previously I was a Buyer working for a number of retailers so when I started working for Boom Cycle, I knew there was an opportunity within the business for someone to manage and develop the product ranges. It’s been a really exciting role within the company, as the company has grown and evolved, so has my role. Two years ago I was managing the stock for our shake bar and now I’m developing and launching the Boom Cycle clothing!

Tell us a bit about your previous career and how this prepared you for the work you’re doing now! Are there any similarities or big differences?

I originally started off my career as a Buyer working for a number of retailers including Tesco PLC, Levi Strauss Europe and C&A. It was an amazing experience and allowed me to travel the world. However, in 2012 whilst sunbathing on a beach in Barbados (no joke) I decided to follow my desire to pursue a career in acting and after auditioning at numerous drama schools, I secured a position at drama school. It was during this time that I was introduced to Boom Cycle and started working on their FOH team at Holborn before becoming one of their Instructors. Two and a half years later I am still here; now as the Buyer of Boom Cycle and a Master Trainer. 

All the skills and experience I developed as a Buyer and through drama school have been essential in my role at Boom Cycle. Whether it’s developing merchandise, building a clothing range or having the confidence to control a room of 40 riders. The only big difference is that it took me a long time to find a job that I really loved. 

You’ve been the lead in developing the Boom Cycle merchandise that's now available in all the studios. What was your favourite part of that process?

My favourite part is seeing all the designs physically come together. It took three months from initial design meetings to launching the branded Boom Cycle clothing. We spent the day before launch working on visually merchandising the range at Holborn - once complete, it was a very proud moment for me. Especially when the feedback on the range was really positive and sales started to come through. 

What’s your favourite thing about wearing so many hats for Boom Cycle?

My day is never the same. I love that my job is so varied, one minute I could be working on the new clothing range and the next I’m on that bike encouraging riders to push a little harder! It’s great because I work with everyone involved at Boom; riders, FOH, instructors and working in our HQ.