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Meet 'Boobette', Emily!

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Meet 'Boobette', Emily!

CoppaFeel say that their most powerful tool is to inspire through stories and experiences. Young people are much more likely to feel empowered by stories of other young people who have been through breast cancer and have come out the other side.  

Enter CoppaFeel's team of "Boobettes" - a incredible group of ladies that share a passion for starting healthy boob chats, keen to help spread awareness. We caught up with Emily, a Boobette who will be attending our Tits & Lazers ride on 30th January to help raise awarensss for this great charity.

Hi Emily! Can you tell us a little about you?

Hi, my name is Emily, I’m 27 years old and live in Brixton. I work as an innovation consultant for a super cool agency in Clerkenwell. When I’m not looking talking to consumers or looking at the next big product; you’ll find me running (I’m training for a half marathon in a few weeks), hiking in the countryside with my boyfriend, baking or brunching with the girls!  


How did you become involved with CoppaFeel?

I was Uni Boob Team Leader for the very first university campaign back in 2010! I’d been looking to get involved with a charity but wanted something which wasn’t too stuffy, along came CoppaFeel! I worked for the charity for a term, really hit it off with Kris & Maren who had set up the charity and then became their first intern so spent the summer touring the country & leading the campaign at festivals! Following this, I became a Boobette a few years later going into schools, workplaces & basically anywhere where there are young people to share the message of checking your boobs!


What is the best part of your day? 

Getting home to my lovely cosy flat and lighting all the candles!


We’re so excited to host these events with you, have fun and raise some money for a great cause, will we see you on the front row..? ;-)

YES! All about the Boom 😊


What are your plans for 2018?

My first challenge is to run a half marathon in a few weeks and follow this by brushing up on my ski technique! 


Finally, what is the one thing you do that always makes you feel bad ass?

Leaving a Boom class makes you feel pretty badass! Nailing a park run on Saturday morning makes me feel pretty smug & set up for the weekend as well. And obviously, making sure every single person I know checks their boobs! 

Book your place at this special charity event and enjoy an evening of laser-filled rides, bubbles and whole lot of fun for a great cause. Join us for an epic night of Tits & Lazers.