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My papa once told me...

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My papa once told me...

With Father's Day coming up, our Instructors have shared with us the most valuable lesson their Dad has taught them. So Boomers, have your notepads and kleenex at the ready, it's about to get a lil' emotional...

Frenchy (@frenchy_spins)

My Dad's always taught me to look at the bigger picture, take stock and consider all the options before going ahead. He's a very conscientious and stoic guy, so he taught me to look before I leap, and not to get emotional about things, however hard it may be!

Hannah (@hannahfrankson)

My dad used to say ‘you can be whatever you want to be’ the time I translated that into I can be a pop star...

Francesca (@francescalara)

My dad is one of the only people I know who is totally comfortable in his own skin; most people adhere to social pressures or feel the need to behave or look a certain way...not my Pap. So the best lesson I've learned from my old man is to be 100% myself as often as possible; there are enough people out there trying to be something they're shake ya tail feather YOUR way and the people who like you for you will be the kind of people you need in your life.

Hilary (@hdawgboom)

My Dad taught me that humour can get you through anything. He's always got a joke to crack and can send anyone into hysterical laughter at the right time. He has also always preached, "Work hard and save your money", although, despite his advice, I'm much better at the former than the latter...

Jack G (@jackgreaves_)

My Dad taught me to always be myself and always be true to myself, no matter what.

Bangs (@bangsandabun)

So, I’ve always been quite a worrier and my dad always told me ‘assume nothing ever’ - I always think of that if I find my mind going down a rabbit hole of worry. It really calms me and helps bring me back to my inner voice of reason.

Melody (@melodylubin)

My dad taught me my strong morals. He taught me in life you can either choose to be a good person, or you can choose to be a bad person. Don’t get me wrong good people can do bad things and visa versa, but he taught me to live a life of  good intentions and honesty, treat people with respect and to expect the same in return. He was always big on respect when me and my sister were growing up. Teaching us to listen when we were spoken to, and to listen with care. Encouraging us to make good decisions but most of all, teaching us to be unapologetically ourselves. Knowing that us growing up to be ourselves was our own piece of magic we would add to this world. Thank you Pops!

A big THANK YOU for all the strong papas who made us and taught us how to BOOM ON! This Father's Day, show him some love and share together the awesome feeling you get from booming. Book a bike here, call up the studio and we will book him in to ride with you, on us!