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Say hi to our latest grads from the Boomiversity!

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Say hi to our latest grads from the Boomiversity!

Ladies and gents, introducing our latest grads from the Boomiversity! Soulla, Martha, Emma-Louise, Amy and Nic have just completed their intensive training and now ready to sweat with you - we caught up with them for a little informal chat where they'll tell you a bit about their Boom story.

(L-R: Emma-Louise, Martha, Nic, Amy and Soulla)

Can you remember your first BOOM experience? Where/When/Who?

Emma-Louise: I rode to a huge 90s playlist for my first BOOM (thank you Melody) and I’m pretty sure I kept confusing a beat back with a way back

Martha: With Hannah about a year ago in Holborn for the Urban Triathlon

Nic: Holbs @ 6:30 with Bangs...hungover and wide awake after for sure!

Soulla: First experience was with Duncan at Holborn! He’s fab!!

Amy: At the Shoreditch studio - RIP. The small, rough around the edges studio reminded me of some of my favourite clubs. Then with the BIG tunes and the focus on your personal ride, I was right involved.

What’s your teaching style? What sets you apart from other instructors?

Emma-Louise: Fairly fast, fairly fiesty. My infectious energy, and the odd curveball track. I love to keep my riders guessing.

Martha: I like to focus on mood a lot, especially big smiles.

Nic: Supportive while raving on the bike!

Soulla: Positive vibes and hard work! The harder you work the better mental and physical results you will get! So prepare to push yourself and sweat all in a very positive and uplifting environment!

Amy: I love to dance and love to party and hope I can bring that to the studio. I am keen on slick choreography, but want it to feel inclusive. I hope my riders get to the end of a track knowing they’ve smashed the choreo, adding on more resistance each week - building awareness of their growing strength.

Favourite way to sweat other than BOOM?

Emma-Louise: As much as I like to train in lots of different ways, it feels just as good to ditch the activewear and sweat it out on the dancefloor!

Martha: Sunbathing

Nic: Running around Hyde park!

Soulla: I love a high intensity work out!

Amy: On a dance floor - I love seeing live music whether a band or a DJ. I love festivals too; there’s nothing like a sweaty tent after a day on your feet. Maybe not the best feeling at the time, but totally part of the experience. I also love the sea, so a hot beach holiday would happily make me sweat.

Piece of advice for first time boomers?

Emma-Louise: Always smile. Just do what you can. And have the courage to let go.

Martha: Go in with an open mind and just BE YOU!

Nic: Just relax & smile!

Soulla: Don’t be scared! We were all a first time boomer once so we know exactly nervous you may be but use this space to let go, clear your mind and be free!

Amy: Don’t overthink it. Just settle into the beat and let that guide your journey, wherever that journey takes you. Your fellow BOOMers (me included) are there to share the experience and the energy. We’re in it together, and we’ve got this. I promise.