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OMG - Homemade Hazelnut Espresso Martinis!

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OMG - Homemade Hazelnut Espresso Martinis!

We're going nuts for this delicious recipe from Rude Health. Made with smooth Hazelnut Drink, this cocktail is perfect to indulge with a friend. or two...

Serves 2

35 ml Kahlua (1 shot)
70 ml coffee (2 shots)
70ml Vodka (2 shots)
50ml Rude Health Hazelnut Drink
½ cup of ice

  1. Take Rude Health Hazelnut Drink
  2. Take your mixer
  3. Splosh in 50 ml of Hazelnut Drink
  4. Add a handful of ice
  5. Add two shots of coffee
  6. Add two shots of Vodka
  7. Shake well and serve (sprinkle coffee beans on top for added coolness)

Shake. Serve. Slurp.