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Get to know our no-nonsense Instructor Sophia who goes by Drake's motto

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Get to know our no-nonsense Instructor Sophia who goes by Drake's motto

Ahead of her Carnival rides this week and next, we're gonna get up close and personal with Sophia - our Instructor who gets down to biz and gives us serious #Wanderlust in her spare time. Read on to find out where she's from, which class got her hooked at Boom Cycle and why you should book in and ride with her!

On Tuesday August 14th she's also gonna be on our Instagram stories at noon and she'll tell us what she's most excited about Carnival, so mark your diaries and tune in!

Where were you born/Where did you grow up?

Essex baby!(No I do not know anyone from TOWIE, I do not dance around my handbag and I do not spray tan)

When you’re not at BOOM, where are you?

Probably Essex, but most likely at work, with bae, with friends, with family, on Skyscanner

What’s your life motto?

Gotta take it from Drake...YOLO

If you can have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

One meal? What a sad life! Maybe some fried chicken, mac and cheese, baby back ribs, garlic mussels, smoked salmon and scrambled egg. Soz, can’t choose one.

Where can we find you on the weekend?
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool.

#1 Life hack?

Tie a colourful scarf/band/ribbon on your black suitcase to avoid accidentally taking some other dudes stuff. 

Can you remember your first BOOM experience?

With Bangs, Holborn, Saturday, 10am, she had some Grime playing for set up
and I knew it was going off!

What’s your teaching style, and what sets you apart from other instructors?

I’m a no nonsense kinda instructor, we’re not here for the freewheelers (you turned up so turn up!).

What's the best part of being an instructor in your opinion?

The energy, so much energy! Also, watching the riders hit the beat in unison and jammin’ along to the music

Favourite way to sweat other than BOOM?

Kettlebells, BodyPump, laying on a sun lounger in a hot country.

Piece of advice for first time boomers?

Let loose, you’ll love it.


Book into Sophia's Carnival Rides our studios to turn it up before the main event!

Thursday August 16th 6:15pm (Holborn)

Tuesday August 21st 6:30pm (Monument)