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Rockin' it with Dan!

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Rockin' it with Dan!

He's our resident Rock n Roll'er, but did you know there's more to him than head banging on the bike and giving us his million dollar smile? Come on in and get to know Dan!

Where were you born/Where did you grow up?

St. Albans in Hertfordshire

When you’re not at BOOM, where are you?

All over the place, I find it pretty difficult to stay still!

What’s your life motto?

Progress beats perfection. Every time.

What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

Take time to enjoy my breakfast. Most important meal of the day!

Where can we find you on Friday night and Sunday afternoon?

Friday Night - Out for drinks. Sunday Afternoon - Usually still recovering from Friday Night!

#1 Life hack?

Not sure if this is a “Life Hack” as such but I always try to check out the “Discover Weekly” section on Spotify, it’s a great way to find new artists and music you might never have come across before.

What’s your teaching style?

I like to start my classes pretty chilled, then gradually work up to those big surges so that by the end people know they’ve worked hard!

What sets you apart from other instructors?

I think my music style is a little different from most instructors, I tend to shy away from pop/chart hits and instead prefer remixes or newer tracks you may not have come across before.

Best part of being an instructor?

The fact that it doesn’t feel like work, it just feels like a group workout with a bunch of mates!

Favourite way to sweat other than BOOM?

Martial Arts. I’ve been doing Jujitsu since I was 8 years old and there’s no other workout quite like it.

Piece of advice for first time boomers?

Don’t think of it as a scary spinning class, just think of it as having a dance on the back of a bike. That way you can enjoy the music and just have fun with it!