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Let’s Flex Our Happiness Muscle!

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Let’s Flex Our Happiness Muscle!

So Monday 21st January 2019 was Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year. Maybe it is the grey skies, cold weather or that running on financial empty feeling after Christmas, with tax to pay at the end of the month.

Perhaps it is something more. The Christmas holidays are traditionally time for family, and well, that can spark a whole lot of different feelings. Some from old wounds, and some from here and now conflict. Or maybe you spent the time alone, with yet another year passing by, with no significant other in your life. Stress, job frustration, health issues, high anxiety, infidelity, lack of purpose; the list goes on.

Let’s be honest - life is hard. Emotions are our constant companion through life’s journey, like a rollercoaster buffeting us to heady highs, and sometimes intolerable lows. If you get easily overwhelmed by emotions, you may have developed a way of avoiding, suppressing or glossing over just how you feel. The truth is, this just makes these emotions hunker down in your psyche, constantly nagging you for attention and resolution.

So what does it take to internally deal with our thoughts and emotions, the stories we tell ourselves and the experiences we have every day so we can live our best life, to grow and thrive?

Emotional Agility is a skill you can learn, and I can teach you how to master it. Learning how to ‘show up’ and recognise how you feel, to truly see yourself, is the foundation step towards emotional resilience. When we understand that emotions are signals that inform us about things we care about in our world, they are nothing to fear, instead they become positive things for us to embrace.

To create this positive emotional mindset we first need to deconstruct the beliefs, behaviours and decisions we’ve constructed that tell us our feelings and emotions are a no-go area. Research tells us the best way to do this is with a kinder and compassionate inner focus (and maybe a little help from a therapist in this workshop!!).

To start you on your journey of emotional agility and finding greater happiness, my workshop with Boom this weekend will help you find some sunshine, to make 2019 your best year yet. Here are some of the areas we will cover:

  • Learn how old patterns of thinking sabotage our ability to change

  • Understand how we avoid facing up to our emotions

  • Find out if you are creating secondary emotions, to avoid your primary emotions

  • Explore how you can face your thoughts and emotions from a detached place

  • Learn techniques to help you experience emotions without feeling overwhelmed

  • Connect with your core values, and tweak your mindset, to drive the change you desire

  • Learn what healthy foods can boost your mood

The workshop will help you identify your values, and show you how emotions are messengers to let you know your values have somehow either been compromised or respected.

We’ve even partnered with BOL Foods who will be providing some mood boosting food for you to enjoy on the day. Think brain power in every bite.

Developing emotional agility helps you strengthen emotional resilience, reduce stress and feel better. Throw in some regular classes at Boom Cycle and you will be riding high all year, flexing your happiness muscle with pride!

James Lamper

Founder & Clinical Lead


Sign up now as places are limited. James’ powerful wealth of knowledge from 25 years of working with mental and physical health combined with his upbeat and experiential presenting style make this a workshop you do not want to miss!

Tickets are £7 per person, including a hot drink upon arrival and BOL Foods; Complimentary for Boom Cycle Battersea riders on the day, please email to RSVP.

EmotionMatters Offer To Boom Riders

We hope you like our vision that we want people to be the best they can be. We care about our clients, and thrive on helping you grow. We would love to offer Boom riders and their friends £25 off any initial session with our therapy, nutrition or medical teams at EmotionMatters. Just contact us and mention BOOM25 to receive your discount before 31st March 2019.