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Meet Camilla Barnard, Founder of Rude Health

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Meet Camilla Barnard, Founder of Rude Health

Rude Health is a London-based healthy food and drinks company that isn't afraid of standing up for real, honest food - the way it should be.

...They also happen to be heavily featured in our delicious recovery shakes and our food partners for the recent Rise 'n' Ride early morning rave sessions!

We caught up with its Founder, Camilla Barnard to find out about her lifestyle and the Rude Health range...

Hi Camilla! So, what is the core value of Rude Health?

We began with a fundamentally simple idea: to make the world’s best muesli, which we called The Ultimate Muesli. We then applied the same principle to all our foods and drinks; all 60 of them, ever since! We only use the kind of ingredients we’d use in our own kitchen – nothing artificial, nothing refined. We do it because we believe that how you feel is, in part, a result of what you eat. And we want everyone to be in rude health. All the time.


What plans do you guys have this year that we can look forward to?

First up, we’ve got a new nut milk coming out in Spring that we are more excited about than is cool to admit..! 

We are also going to be doing more wild swimming events around the UK throughout the year. I am still getting over my amazement at the number of people who turned up to our Wild Swim (outdoor!) event in January, so I can’t wait until you don’t have to crack the ice before jumping in.


Now, about you! Could you please tell us a little about yourself?

I’m English, so talking about myself isn’t exactly in my comfort zone, so I’m going to go with a cycling theme. I started cycling to school when I was 9 and never stopped, despite hills at my next school and getting bikes stolen at University. Living in Japan also changed nothing; we all cycled everywhere, and by the time I arrived in London, even the Elephant and Castle roundabout wasn’t enough to put me off, and all my commutes were a cycle! 

Setting up Rude Health allowed me to choose where I worked and my cycle is now largely along the river, combining being outdoors and getting some exercise with a natural meditation, which is about as good as it gets. When not cycling I drive an electric car, that I love as much as my bike. 


What’s your favourite way to de-stress?

My favourite way to wind-down after work is dancing like nobody can see (they can’t) in the kitchen while cooking something nourishing. When the weather is cold I am all about stews and casseroles. I find yin yoga the exercise equivalent of a stew - deeply nourishing and mellow.

What would be your go-to snack, post-workout?

This could go one of two ways: a bowl of porridge covered in pecans, banana, cream & maple syrup; or a hunk of cheese and a glass of natural wine.


What are you most excited about this year?

With luck and a clear sky, seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland.  Also, making my own belt in a leather workshop over the summer.  And taking up Acroyoga - as soon as I can find a local class. 


Finally, what’s the one thing you do every day to be badass?

I don’t. Unless ignoring the trends and loudest voices and instead doing what I believe counts.  I do this all the time, both at work and at home. I used to doubt myself but the more I do it the more confident I am and the more fun I have with it.

To find out more about Rude Health and their yummy range, check out