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Boom Cycle Is Raising Funds Via CrowdCube

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Boom Cycle Is Raising Funds Via CrowdCube

Having opened 5 studios in the past 6 years Boom Cycle exists to create fitness sanctuaries where people can escape any worries & pressures & just 'CutLoose'. With an experienced team & average YoY attendance growth of 47% we are raising funds to grow the existing business & open the next studio.

Any new business is an especially risky affair and for the past 7 years we felt institutional investors were best placed to help us grow our business in this young sector. Now with many years of experience, a good footprint of studios in London, a solid team and a sector that is booming (we had to!) we felt now was the right time to get the most important people in our business involved in the next exciting stage of growth (that's you guys, the riders, the joys of our day!). 

Since 2014 we have achieved 77% average year on year Revenue Growth, since 2012 attendance has grown on average 47% year on year, and with 3 new studios now open 2018 & 2019 will see further huge growth. 

We're raising funds to invest in and grow the existing business as well as open site number 5 and then we will plan to accelerate the roll out during the end of 2019 and 2020 onwards to more London studios and then nationally. Our campaign will officially launch on the 21st of August and it'll be open for 30 days or until funded so we hope you'll join us on this next exciting stage of the journey.  

We'll update this page with more information this week!

‘Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please #InvestAware.’