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Black Pepper Crab by Wright Bros

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Black Pepper Crab by Wright Bros

Wright Bros, our newest neighbours at Battersea have shared a yummy crab recipe, perfect for the season. If you are into seafood, this one is for you...

"This is a simple and easy way of cooking crab at home with a lot of flavour. It is a great sharing dish and fun for the whole family. One crab will feed two adults as part of a banquet.

Please use sustainable English cock crabs as they are best for this dish!"

Serves 2

1 x whole crab (approx. 800gr – 1kg)

For the sauce:
200gr chopped shallots
50gr Garlic
50gr Ginger
100ml Japanese soya sauce
80ml Mirin
30gr Fresh cracked black pepper
250gr Salted butter
Sugar to taste
Deep fried curry leaves
Natural yoghurt
Toasted almond slices

Buy a live crab from your local fishmonger, ask them for the most humane way to kill it and follow their instructions.

Turn the crab upside down and cut in half. Remove the legs from the body. At this stage, you must remove the ‘dead man’s fingers’ aka the gills. Cut the crab into segments and crack the larger segments with the back of your knife, set aside. (This step can done by your fishmonger but becoming involved with the raw produce makes the end product taste so much better!)

Method - Sauce

Finely chop the shallots, garlic and ginger.

Melt half the butter and add the above ingredients to the butter to cook slowly.

When the ingredients are soft (approximately 5 mins), add the Soya and Mirin.

Once the sauce has reduced by half, add the fresh cracked black pepper and the rest of the butter.

Season with sugar and set aside. The sauce will have a kick but will mellow out when cooked later.

Once you are ready to serve the crab dish, heat a saucepan and add a small amount of oil.

When smoking, add the crab pieces and a small amount of sauce to start the cooking process.

When this has evaporated stir the crab well and add the rest of the sauce and cook for between 8 to 10 minutes.

When the crab is cooked, present on the plate and spoon over the remaining sauce.

Garnish with toasted almonds, deep fried curry leaves and fresh natural yoghurt.