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60 seconds with Jodi and her activewear brand Bellum Active

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60 seconds with Jodi and her activewear brand Bellum Active

Over a coffee, we caught up with Jodi - founder of Bellum Active and talked about her fitness journey and starting her own brand Bellum Active, now stocking at Boom Cycle!

Hi Jodi! We know you have a very athletic background, do tell us a bit more!

I started as a gym fanatic then became a keen runner from short distances up to marathons and an ultra marathon in South Africa and an ironman finisher. Over the past 20 years, I have competed in countless run events, including the Berlin, Vienna, Portsmouth and London Marathons. I have also competed in many triathlon events including Busselton (AUS), Shepparton (AUS) and St Poelten (AUT) half ironman races, and my proudest achievement in finishing the Klagenfurt ironman in Austria.

What was the biggest thing you learnt from being a triathlete?

To always listen to your body. We all lead busy lives and can often be focused on work and training, so we rarely take time out just for ourselves and this also applies to exercising. If you’re tired or stressed, injuries can occur so you must listen to your body and take the time to rest and recharge for a clearer mind and healthy body.

You founded Bellum Active, an innovative and premium activewear brand for active women. What and where did you draw inspirations from your collection?

I approach my designs based on my extensive fitness and training experience. From being an athlete, I understand the importance of innovation in terms of both fabrics and design, so I look to incorporating practical elements into it. Whether it’s a hidden pocket for keys which has become our standard or the cut of the design, which will aid in maximising performance for example, the new accelerate 7/8 leggings have been designed for those that like high intensity sweaty workouts such as cycle sessions. The fabric is slightly denser which gives a tighter stretch and is non-see through, but dries very quickly and can be washed at high temperatures without losing stretch or quality so it’s perfect if you want to wear it the following day after a workout.

What do you think is the next step for Bellum Active?

Our next step is to expand our range to include more eco-friendly and sustainable activewear (similar to our Pura range) which is becoming increasingly more important for the environmentally conscious.

Boom Cycle is all about enjoying life to the fullest and do things that #CutLoose from your everyday responsibilities. What is your #1 way to #CutLoose?

I like to cut loose by going for a run to clear my head. I pretty much destress after a run, and I particularly love jogging around Battersea Park - my favourite park in London

Both our brands are born and bred in this lovely city. Where are your best kept secrets and go-to happy place?

For me the best kept secret would be brunch at Brew (yes it’s an Aussie café but the food and coffee is divine) they have 2 locations in Wandsworth Town and Northcote Rd.

Slice Fitness in Parsons Green is another favourite. They offer a range of fantastic classes as well as on site creche facilities and lovely cupcakes!