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"Mum was #Fitspo before it was even a thing."

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"Mum was #Fitspo before it was even a thing."

Our Head Trainer & Dean of BOOMiversity, Bangs shares why her Mum is her ultimate inspiration...

I don't have to look far when I’m in need of fitness inspiration. My own mother has been #Fitspo since before that was even a thing.

In my youth, she’d ferry me to my dance classes and get me enrolled in every performing arts course going - little did I know she was subtly sewing the seeds of body confidence into her awkwardly energetic daughter. 

Sometimes I’d catch her in the living room, Grapevining along to a Jane Fonda or Rosemary Connelly video. I’d join in with her and we’d have a giggle.

When I was about 12, we’d go to a step aerobics class together every week (it was the early 90s, Step was all the rage). Her brow slightly furrowed in concentration, she’d occasionally miss a beat of the increasingly complicated step combinations, but she’d soon be back on track, moving and grooving to the musical wonders of 2Unlimited. None of the other women brought their pre-teen nightmares along, but this was mother-daughter bonding time for us. 

We discovered Mat Pilates after I finished uni. We’d go to a class together every week, willing each other to hold that plank a little longer, do a couple more reps of those shoulder bridges or trying not to burst out laughing at our complete inability to do some of the moves.

For the past 15 years, she’s been a member of her local gym in Leeds. She swims there every day, in the outdoor pool, come rain or shine (and once complained when they attempted to close it during a particularly frosty spell). She’d always found the gym a bit intimidating, preferring to stick to her 75 lengths in the pool regime, but about five years ago when I took up running, she decided to give it a crack too and popped her treadmill cherry at the gym. 

Now she uses the gym three times a week. She has her own little routine (cross trainer, bike, rowing and some Pilates/yoga). When I’m home in Leeds visiting, she gets me a guest pass and we’ll hit up the gym together. I take her in the weights section and am slowly working on getting her comfortable with flinging some dumb bells around. 

What I love about my mama (among many other things) is that she just does it. She’s no hero, she doesn’t brag about it, she doesn’t take post workout pics for Instagram. She’s just casually going about being a badass every single day. She's 69 years old and shows no sign (nor desire to) slow down. I can think of no better example to live up to.

When people ask me where I get my energy to teach six spin classes a week, I simply ask them ‘have you met my mother?’