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It's Bangs's birthday!

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It's Bangs's birthday!

She's Boom Cycle's Head Trainer, Dean of Boomiversity and all-around badass on the bike, and this week, our amazing Bangs is celebrating her birthday!

We'll be commemorating in true BOOM style, as she throws all her fave tunes into the early morning rides to get everyone pumped for the day. We grabbed her for a little insight into her bangers of choice, plus her birthday wishes this year...


"I tend to keep things pretty low-key for my birthday usually. Last year was the first time I organised a little get together and it felt weird saying 'come celebrate me!' though I definitely appreciated all my friends who came out. This year, my parents are coming down from Leeds for the weekend and they're my favourite people on earth, so I'm super excited to get to spend my special day with them."

I think the one thing I really do love about birthdays is the chance it gives you to reflect on and celebrate your life. I absolutely love my job and the riders are a huge part of that for me, so I can think of no better way to celebrate than letting loose on the bike with them really. I'll be packing the playlists with a load of my favourite jams and that studio will be bursting with even more good vibes than usual!"


"I was raised on a steady diet of James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Motown and Elvis. My parents took me to a Prince concert when I was 12 (coolest parents ever!), I fell in love with hip hop when I was 13. My grandmother lived in a very rural part of Nova Scotia, Canada and whenever I'd go visit her, the radio was permanently tuned to the local Country station, hence my love of Country music. Disco will always get my feet moving and 80s & 90s R'n'B speaks directly to my soul. So I guess, at this point, we can say my taste is music in pretty eclectic."

"My tune of the year so far is God's Plan by Drake - it's just such a feel-good track. And as we all know, Drake is my boyfriend and I support all he does ;-)"

Psst...If you fancy a sneak peek into what you can expect, we've dug out a golden oldie playlist from the birthday girl:

Get a taste of the Birthday girl's jam