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Keep Boomin' when it's back to school season!

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Keep Boomin' when it's back to school season!

September = Back to School! Whether you're in school and about to start planning for your schedule, or you're finding a way to still do Bangs' 7:30am AND account for your child's school drop off...fear not, Boom is here for you every step of the way! Check out what Boom's very own students and parents' with their personal tips and tricks on navigating the Back to School #Hustle.

Evan (Front of House & recent graduate)

Find a fitness class you like (either before or after a lecture) and regularly attend, keeping it scheduled just like you would a lecture - basically treat your fitness classes like you would a lecture! They are important both physically and mentally during the academic year and I find they help keep me focused!

Fiona (Instructor & Mother)

It’s important to be organized and plan the week ahead where fitness is concerned. Back to school season is a frantic time and there is a period of adjustment from the long school holidays so make sure you start getting back into a school week regime beforehand so it’s not such a shock on the first day back!

Have a timetable at home that shows the kid's school week and your week - exercise included. It’s great to form a community with other parents and exercise is such a unifying activity and a great way to socialize. So make plans with other parents, keeping you accountable and more likely to show up. I always found going from the school gate straight to an exercise class worked for me and making sure all our bags were ready the night before made it easier.

Surprises will always pop up but exercise will have given you the mental space to handle it and the physical strength to keep up with you kids! If they see that Mummy or Daddy are going to Boom Cycle they will want to follow your exercise habits and any shared fitness experiences you have the better. At the weekends sign your kids up for classes and use that time to exercise yourself if you can. Whatever the circumstances if you set an intention; have a fitness goal then you will always show up.

Duncan (Instructor & recent graduate)

Join a team, try a sport you’ve never tried or something you enjoy. There’s nothing that will get you out of bed before lectures when the mornings get dark and cold more than knowing other people are counting on you to be somewhere (plus the socials are pretty good too).

Also go to the gym or to a class in your study breaks - best way to refocus and to wake your brain up is to raise your heart rate and get a nice fresh fill of endorphins in the middle of a 6,000 word essay!


Now let's get a date in with yourself and commit to your routines!