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A candid chat with Becky, rider and founder at Litwicks Candles

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A candid chat with Becky, rider and founder at Litwicks Candles

Hi Becky! Tell us a bit about your background, and how did you make this into your career?

I always love to make people presents, I’m not sure people like receiving ‘Becky’s home-made presents’(!), whether its jams, marmalades, pickles, shortbreads or homemade chocolates people will receive a little Christmas hamper. So 9 months after leaving my job, and with no income stream I started to think about what to make people for Christmas that was inexpensive but still a nice treat. I'd made a few candles as a trial and my friends were the ones actually that said ‘you could sell these’. I had one of those label makers and put a funny caption on one for my friend… ‘the scent of your ex, smelt fine but what a d*ck.' That’s when the idea was launched, personalisation was the key and if not, then some smart funny comment that made you smile. So a rainy weekend I set about creating a website, which was far easier than it sounds. I bought a domain for 99p and I was off!

What was the biggest takeaway from your career transition?

Firstly, you have to wear a load of different hats. For example once my shipment was ready to go to the retailers distribution warehouse I needed a pallet distribution network to come and pick it up. ‘Did I need a tail lift and pallet truck, would a side curtained truck be ok? am I using euro pallets?’ It was mind boggling but I enjoyed it, ‘fake it till you make it’ had never been so real. Every day you’re learning something new, and you are the only one making the decision. Some of them might be wrong but who cares, its all part of the learning curve.

Also, CASH FLOW! I am so proud that the capital investment was only ever £200, it still is. However you still need upfront cash to fulfil orders. For example for larger orders lead times of raw materials, production times, and then retailer payment terms mean you will be out of pocket for a while and you need to factor that in to your model. There are start-up loans available for exactly that, virgin money do one as does the government. I was lucky enough to have some savings squirrelled away, however it was really daunting seeing all my money disappear and hope that I get paid!

What and where did you draw inspirations from your scents and creations?

As my candles can be completely tailored to the person, I set myself the task of approaching people who I felt were engaging and have a following of like minded people. Whether that person is passionate about motherhood, body confidence or just bossing it as a woman, I made sure there was a candle that reflected that.

What do you think is the next step for Litwick, as well as yourself?

Christmas is my busiest time of the year so I’m currently gearing up for that. Next year I'll develop the range, maybe start doing some larger candles or even smaller votives for wedding favours as I’ve had a few requests. I’d also love to start hosting candle making workshops! As for Becky… she would love to go an lie on a beach and sip Pina Coladas for a couple of weeks!

You’ve been riding with Boom for some time now. Are you a morning ride person or evening ride gal?

Neither! I love a lunchtime ride. I'm never going to be up early in the mornings and when I finish a days work I just want to head home and hibernate (particularly now its winter) I find lunchtime rides great, 30 mins and your done and it gets you away from your desk! I also if you needed another reason - Vanilla Nut shake.. nom nom nom!

What’s the one thing you love about Boom?

I would never claim to be an exercise lover, and it actually takes rather a lot to motivate myself to go. However when I come out of a Boom class I never regret it, something about the music, the dark room. It doesn’t feel like I’ve worked out, I mean the sweat tells me I have, but it's more fun than hard work. Someone once told me that running was their meditation, and I didn’t get it, I thought meditation was about being quiet and still. Actually I'd now say Boom was my meditation, the music and riding to the beat is almost meditative!

Boom Cycle is all about enjoying life to the fullest and do things that #CutLoose from your everyday responsibilities. What is your #1 way to #CutLoose?

Its really hard, you’ve caught me in the thick of Christmas and I'm up to my eyeballs in candles! I suppose one of my favourite things to do at the weekend is spend the morning in bed with cups of tea, and try not to feel guilty about not working. For me thats bliss, if I manage to get a walk somewhere at the weekend that also a way I get away from it. I also make sure I'm off my phone, it's terrible how much I use it, I blame running a business from instagram but actually I rely on it way too much.

Both our brands are born and bred in this lovely city. Where are your best kept secrets and go-to happy place?

If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret! Londons parks are amazing, my favourite being Hampstead Heath, the whole perimeter takes about 1.5 hours to walk and you go through so many different types of park, forest, lakes, viewing points across the city, fields, woodland. You really feel like you're out of London. Then at the end we find a pub to warm up and drink loads of red wine!

Visit Litwicks on Instagram here and get your candles from our studios now. Available at £19 each.