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60 seconds with rider, Pav Chahal!

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60 seconds with rider, Pav Chahal!

Tell us a little more about you…

I work as a User Experience Consultant.  It’s like a building architect who creates blue-prints for a building, I am a digital architect that creates blue-prints for a range of digital products, such as websites and apps.

Can you tell us three facts that might surprise people?

  • I can read hands (palmist) and I am creating a hand-reading app
  • I can do predictions with a pack of playing cards
  • With the above points I have to clarify: I am NOT a witch :-D

How did you come across Boom Cycle? What do you like about it?

Boom Cycle was introduced to me by a good friend who was also a boomer.  I was looking for an exercise regime where I could push myself to get healthier and also not get bored with! Boom Cycle fit the bill. 

What would be your perfect day?

When my mind (e.g. intellectually engaged) body (e.g. exercised) and spirit (e.g. meditation) are in harmony: that’s the perfect day!

Finally, what’s the one thing you do daily to feel badass? 

I have a daily goal/task chart. Ticking those goals/task of at the end of the day gives me a great feeling!