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60 Seconds with Natalie D. Campbell...

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60 Seconds with Natalie D. Campbell...

Tell us a little bit about the Badass Women’s Hour? Where did it all begin?

We're nearly a year old, we started out as a live event at the W London Hotel in May 2016, but Emma and Harriet got the whole thing started by running an International Women's Day event called Badass Mavericks a couple of months earlier. It was so successful that the W London asked us to do more, I was roped in to come up with a concept that had a monthly appeal, and that's when Badass Women's Hour was born. Three women, one hour and a whole load of badass. It's been a whirlwind of amazingness ever since.

What is the ‘Badass Principle'?

The Badass Principle is two things - first it's an idea that we leave the audience and our radio and podcast listeners with each week. Something to help them navigate life in a badass way. It's usually two words like 'Pursue Wonder' or 'Radiate Joy' so everyone can determine what the principle means to them. Secondly, I am into wellbeing and fitness but I also have a full on career, I realised that I had learned to use fitness to keep my focus and mental balance and wondered if more women could do with some of what I have learned building businesses and staying 'relatively' sane. I've now 'bottled it' and run what I call a 'gym class for the mind and soul' again at the W London but there are plans to partner with fitness studios later this year.

You’ve also hosted the Badass Panel - Tell us about the panel discussion…   

In addition to the amazing team, we invited Hilary Rowland (Co-Founder of BOOM Cycle), Claire Sanderson, Editor of Women's Health and Laura Fullerton, Founder of FITTYLDN to join us to talk about health and wellbeing alongside sharing their insider tips for getting a health business off the ground. It's a popular choice of business at the moment which means it's also a crowded market, but with the right tips and tools anyone can make it work.

Where did you meet the women that make up the Badass panel?

Nat and Harriet knew each other from the Guardian, where Harriet founded the Women in Leadership Network and Natalie was on secondment there a few years ago as part of a leadership course. Emma runs a network called Flock Global with another badass woman - Megan Thomas - and that's how we came together. Not as Badass Women's Hour but as friends and women with big ass goals!

Where do you envision Badass Women going? What is your ultimate goal?

Good question! For us it's quite simple; have honest, meaningful and challenging conversations about life, love and being a badass (or not) that inspire other women and men to be that bit more curious or take the plunge on an idea or life change. We all run our own businesses and various ventures so we know a thing or two about shaking up your life and starting from scratch with just an idea and a desire to see it happen. We'd love to have a TV show, a competitor to Top Gear but for now we're enjoying the radio and podcasting.

Where can people find the Badass Women’s podcast?

On Acast or iTunes by searching Badass Womens Hour (you can add the link -

What can listeners expect?

Not whatever you'd expect from a radio show and podcast - we cover a lot in an hour. We start off dissecting the news stories making waves each week, and interview a badass woman, we respond to listeners asks for advice and help and then we share our backdated badass - a woman from history that we really should know a lot more about. So far we've been joined by Gemma Cairney, Alix Fox, Michelle Kennedy and as of this weekend Hilary Rowland!

…Finally, what did you think of your first BOOM experience?

Flipping awesomely badass! We'll be might find me at every class!