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5 Ways to Get Your Buzz In!

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5 Ways to Get Your Buzz In!

Late night sleep? Coffee.
5am alarm before a Boom class? Coffee.
Mid-morning slump? Coffee.
Post-lunch haziness? Coffee.
New coffee shop opened around the corner from work and offering free espressos? MORE COFFEE!

Before you know it, you're on the edge of the daily recommended intake of 400mg of caffeine - and you're about to neck an Espresso Martini with your pals after work! A few drinks down and your brain is still wired when you roll into bed, knowing you have another early alarm for work (but it's okay, there's always coffee)!

We've all been there. Our engine runs on caffeine as fuel and there is something satisfying by quantifying the cups of coffee we have had.

Here's a few tips from us to curb your caffeine habits and get creative to inject energy to our body and mind!

  1. Decaf

    Depending on how you like your coffee and where you get 'em, sometimes going decaf is ALMOST unnoticeable. If you have your coffee with soy milk, you might want to get oat or almond milk with your decaf to avoid curdling! Swap you mid morning cuppa with a decaf which gives you more appetite to enjoy your lunch.

  2. Shots

    Not tequila, but that can be for later. We're talking ginger and lemon shots! Available in juice shops or even in supermarkets, these warming and zingy shots will give you that powerful kick to wake you up! Lemon juice helps to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and boost metabolism while according to a study done by International Journal of Preventive Medicine, ginger actually supports healthy digestion and is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent filled with antioxidants!
  3. Hydration station

    As our very own Haydn always remind us in class, "Hydration station!", it's important to remember that up to 60% of the human body is made of water. The bloodstream uses water to bring nutrients like oxygen to different body parts including the brain! So when you're feeling a bit deflated, maybe gulp on a glass of water to keep yourself hydrated first!
  4. Environment

    Old habits die hard. If your coffee timetable it's engineered in your routine, it's probably hard to go cold turkey. When you're tempted to go put another capsule in the Nespresso machine, use that stand up time to go outside for some fresh air. Now that the weather is nicer in London, some Vitamin D and some water is probably all you need for that 3pm slump!
  5. ...Ok maybe you REALLY want the coffee

    Make sure you get a cup of quality coffee. If you're going to have one, have a GOOD one. Our favourites are Grind coffee, with multiple shops all over town and our Battersea and Hammersmith studios serving up their coffee from beans to cups. Treat yo'self, Boomers!