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What is
boom blog?

The Boom Blog is a little collection of things that inspire us, make us think, entertain us make us smile and go with our ethos of getting the most out of life, with a strong sense of balance leaning a little more to the side of FUN.

On here, you’ll find anything from riders' stories, inspirational tales, interesting projects and events, recipes for food and drinks and of course, some of our favourite music.

Whether you want to keep up with the newest Boom Cycle news or you need a sexy cocktail recipe for your next dinner party – we’ve got you covered.

We hope you like it!


Our content is designed around our wonderful riders, we encourage you to comment, share and of course contribute. Add your musings to individual posts or if you want to submit some content of your own send it to


Boom Cycle is here to make fitness fun, we set out to strip the seriousness from training and create a space where the studio is your sanctum and worries are left at the door. We welcome everyone and never take ourselves too seriously. Boom Cycle is here to encourage you, high-five you, make you sweat, support you, entertain you, inspire you & Boom you. Everyone can be, and is part of, the Boom Cycle experience. Come join the party...