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  • Springboard for Better - Step 5

    Well, here we are, the final week of Springboard For Better! Our timing could not be better, as the whole idea of the campaign was to prepare you for the positive changes you want to make in your life as we leave lockdown.

  • Springboard for Better - Step 4

    The weather has been beautiful, and for many this is a great motivator to get up and go outside to enjoy a walk with friends (from a distance), some time in nature or exercise like walking, running or cycling. Now is the time to focus on how you want to positively change your life, and our mindful wellbeing campaign SpringBoard For Better, in conjunction with EmotionMatters, will help you achieve this. In Step 1 - Self-Reflection we asked you to slow down, and lean into the space you create, connecting with your inner wisdom to answer some reflective questions. In Step 2 - Identifying Change That You Desire we asked you to rate different areas of your life, and then identify between 5 to 10 intentions for change. Last week in Step 3 - Creating Your Strategy For Change we asked you to become clear with your objectives and tactics that will help you achieve your goals, so you can create a life you love as we leave lockdown. Are you feeling psyched and ready to rock your new life plan? Or perhaps feeling overwhelmed and not know where to start? This week we’ve got your back, as we are talking about motivation. Grab your notebooks, as we have a few exercises to sharpen your focus and get some fire in your belly.

  • Springboard for Better - Step 3

  • Springboard for Better - Step 2

    If you are one of the people who have found yourself with extra time on your hands during the last two months and you've decided you want to spend it constructively, deciding how to or what to do next might have become a challenge. We feel the same. So we thought, what if we could use this time to get excited about a new direction, a new way of thinking or a better life? To come out on the other side with a plan for progress of how to become more fulfilled and happier? Last week we introduced our Springboard for Better initiative in conjunction with Emotion Matters to get you excited about a new direction, a new way of thinking and a better life. As we prepare to see some lifting of lockdown restrictions in the coming weeks, now is the time to prepare for the life you want to lead. Last week we introduced Step 1, Self-Reflection. We asked you to slow down, and lean into the space you create, connecting with your inner wisdom to answer some reflective questions. Our hope is that you started to gently question different aspects of your life and now have a better idea of what is working, what is not and what is missing. This week, we will start to craft some structure around the change you desire. Grab the notes you made in your journal from last time, and lets get stuck in.

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