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Stefano tells us why he's pledged IN on Crowdfunding!

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Stefano tells us why he's pledged IN on Crowdfunding!

Meet Stefano Diemmi

A Digital guru/consultant by day, DJ by night. But most importantly a front row VIR (Very Important Rider) and resident at Battersea +  Fitness Addict 24/7.

He's invested in Boom Cycle through this Crowdfunding round, and he's shared with us a bit on why he did...(As told to Boom over his daily Grind espresso) ☕

Having both worked and invested in start-ups and growth-stage companies previously, I see this as investing in art for my house. With the opportunity on the return aside, I want to support the expansion of a brand that I truly live and breathe in. I think Boom Cycle stood out in 4 different ways that made me pledge the "IN" in INVEST!


Being a fitness fanatic, I find Boom Cycle a solid combination of a hard + effective workout combined with the fun factor which provides me with an escape from my daily hectic life. The product is well balanced and carefully executed which I have learnt through heavily testing the product (prior to investing) by completing at least 250 classes in the past year;


With the high-growth within the fitness industry, it is very easy to jump the bridge and start diverging into different type of workouts/offerings. I appreciate Boom Cycle's focus: They do one thing and they do it well, and they have a vision of vertical expansion by opening new studios rather than introducing other products (which could be risky);


As for all companies, from start-up to growth-stage, a strong and connected team is key to success. In the last year I got to know most of the team personally at Boom, from top-quality instructors to front of houses who go above and beyond; Their passion, belief and commitment is apparent and it further guarantees the success of the company!


I also got to know the founders Hilary and Robert personally, and it is clear that they are extremely dedicated, grounded and fully-vested in the operations of Boom. They are very careful with cost management, investments and customer relationships, and in my opinion having owners fully involved in the brand is a true differentiating factor for my investment.

My only regret is that I would have loved to have a little bit more disposable saving to increase my investment share :-)

Join Stefano and over 220 other investors today in owning a slice of Boom, from as little as £10! Remember, you get rewards beyond your initial investments such as rides, exclusive merchandises, guest passes etc to spread the gospel...oh and 30% EIS tax relief too!

‘Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please #InvestAware.’