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Ride, Refer...Rewards!

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Ride, Refer...Rewards!

We love y'all for Booming your heart out with us and for spreading the gospel to your friends and fam and all that, so we have a bunch of rewards for your rides and referrals in place - just to say MUCHAS GRACIAS!

When you ride with us...

Every 5 Rides, you get £10 class credits

Every 10 Rides, you get £15 class credits

Every 25 Rides, you get 2x complimentary rides on your account (30 day expiry)

Every 50 Rides, you get £20 Retail credits

Signing up for the Unlimited package after Intro offer?

We'll give you a £10 discount off your first month

On the Unlimited contract already?

Once you spend £375 on the packages, you get £20 class credits

Referring a friend?

Head to your Accounts page and scroll down to "Referrals". Share the link to your friends so that when they purchase an Intro offer using the link, you automatically get a ride on your account!

If your friends used the link to purchase the Unlimited package, you get £10 Retail Credits to use for our merchandises!