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Say hello to our new instructors: Fran & Jack G!

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Say hello to our new instructors: Fran & Jack G!

Fran and Jack G have just completed their instructor training at Boomiversity. These two instructors will be hitting the timetables officially from January, but you may well see them taking a ride or two before then.

For now, let's get to know our new family members a little better...

Hi guys! Firstly, where were you each born?

F: North West London!

J: Newcastle upon Tyne


What are your jobs outside of Boom?


J: Musical Theatre Performer


What made you decide to want become Boom instructors?

F: I wanted to challenge myself and do something that I never thought I would be fit enough to do! Having worked Front of House at BOOM I had a lot of encouragement to take the leap of faith and now I'm so ready to pass on the good vibes to all the riders!

J: Fitness is an important part of my career so being able to keep in shape, challenge myself and have fun at the same time whilst also inspiring and challenging others to push past what they thought they were capable of. It just seemed like the perfect solution to join the team at Boom Cycle. Who says you can’t work hard and play hard at the same time..!


How would you describe your taste in music?

F: I'm really into funk & soul tunes but my taste is pretty eclectic. I'm all about old school R&B, rock, house, pop and hip hop; basically anything that gets me in the mood or that I can burst a lung singing in the car.

J: Of course Musical Theatre, not sorry about it, but to be honest I haven’t got a specific music style I love, it’s more, “YES, that song... love it!”

What's your favourite song EVER?

F: That's a tough one... "Will you still love me tomorrow" Carole King (tear jerker) or Sean Paul "temperature" because I love that everyone loses it on the dancefloor when it comes on!

J: Laura Osnes, ‘Dyin’ ain’t so bad’ from Bonnie & Clyde

Finally, what can riders expect from our newest instructors?

F: Big tunes, lots of laughs and freedom to take any troubles from the outside world and overcome it on the bike with everyone by your side. Good vibes only!

J: Lots of energy, cheeky charm and to have a great time.  Full of banter and laughs - probably at me, not with me(!), but just to not take life too seriously - come in, have fun and just let go.