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Meet Nicky the Capitán of Boom Cycle Holborn!

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Meet Nicky the Capitán of Boom Cycle Holborn!

Co-founder Hilary Rowland interviewed this wonderful lady!  Check it out below!

Q. Please would you tell us a bit about your role as the Holborn Studio Capitán! How long have you been working with Boom Cycle?

A. I started working for Boom back in July 2015. I needed a part-time job that I could fit around castings and various acting jobs so Boom was perfect!. I fell in love with the place and people and although I was in and out, working on other creative projects, Boom was never too far away. When I decided to take a little creative break, I took the job as Holborn's studio Capitán and I’ve never looked back. I look after the day to day operations of the studio and team who are without bias THE BEST TEAM IN TOWN. We laugh all day and all night. I literally skip into work which is cool.

Q. What’s your favourite part about your role? Your favourite part about your team?
A. My Favourite part is definitely the vibes that are created in and around the studio.  We have the coolest boss couple at the helm of Boom Cycle that instill an amazing environment to work in, its super supportive and full of joy which I feel very lucky for!
Q. Something people might not know about you is that you’re also a comedian/actor/director. How did you get into this and how long have you been doing it?
A. It sounds cliché but I’ve actually been preforming since I could talk. I later went to drama school for 4 years (Ummmm.. a while ago now) and performed at various theatres and did some questionable adverts and TV appearances. I started running events and curating cabaret nights which was super fun and debaucherous. Those nights are behind me… Honest…..

Q. What is your favourite part about it comedy/acting/directing? Would you say that your previous experience of being a comedian/actor/director helps you in your role as Studio Capitán to keep things running smoothly and keep it fun?
A. I fell in love with performing at a very young age, for me it was always all about the laughter and giving people a good time which is definitely reflected in my attitude towards Boom; Bringing the best party on a bike and spreading that message far and wide! You will note that a lot of our event rides involve a good laugh and drink!  We know how to party at Holborn!
Q. You’ve already done the Edinburgh Fringe,which is such a HUGE deal, what was that like? What are you working on currently?
A. I had a great time at the Fringe but it was really difficult! Writing, producing, programing and performing in your own show takes it out of you, so Im taking a bit of time off that for a while! I do however run an annual event called EMFEST- This is in memory of a family friend that tragically took her own life at the age of 21. We run the event for MIND KINGSTON and I pull in lots of favours, get awesome comedy and cabaret acts down. It’s always a really fun night and we raise lots of money and awareness for the fantastic stuff MIND do! I also host it with a comedy group I used to tour with called CLUB SOL PARTY, we play Club Reps from 90’s Costa Del Sol- We sing all the cheesy hits.
Q. What else do you like to do when you’re not at Boom Cycle?
A. When I’m not at Boom- Which is not often (I’m even there on my days off I love it that much) I travel a lot- I got the bug a few years ago when I visited Thailand and Japan and now I can’t stop. I just got back from Australia and I’m off to Croatia in a few weeks! I LOVE driving my car in the sunshine. I love swimming, cycling, I LOVE a beer garden- drinking with friends and dancing to Club Classics until the early hours. And I LOVE karaoke- There’s even a very good story about myself and Rose fighting over the mic at a legendary boom party. Proud Mary is my JAM. I also like to work out, I was 5 stone heavier 5 years ago. I found exercise and never looked back. Sweating makes me SO HAPPY.

Q. Do you have any mottos you live by?
A. Love, Laugh and be kind. If you follow those rules- life is pretty sweet.