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Meet new instructor, Tom!

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Meet new instructor, Tom!

Prepare to be enthused by Tom’s open, sunny disposition and endless amounts of energy. But don’t be mislead - he means business!

Tom is no stranger to the Boom family having started as one of our Front of House team. He started riding at Boom to deal with the stresses and pressures of auditioning and life as a performer. Find out more from Tom below...


Poole, Dorset


7 May 1988

Job outside of Boom:

Musical Theatre performer, in 42nd street London.

What made you decide to become a Boom instructor:

Whilst between acting jobs, I joined the Front of House team at the Hammersmith studio. I began taking classes regularly and absolutely loved them. As a dancer I have never really enjoyed cardio, but found that the vibe in the rides and the fact that you are riding to music made the 45 minutes just fly by. 

I was having a hard time with auditions and just the general insecurity/harsh reality of life as an actor, and found that the Boom rides were giving me a space to work on this. They were giving me a new sense of drive, focus and a realisation that anything is achievable if you push through and put the work in.

Taste in music:

Very varied, when I was younger I was all about indie, so Arctic monkeys, The Kooks, etc. I have also always loved Britney and a bit of cheesy pop. My first trip to Ibiza left with a love of a massive a decent mix!

Favourite song EVER:

Probably The Kooks - "Naive", and "Seaside". They remind me of beach parties at home as a teenager.

3 facts people may not expect about you:

1) I survived the biggest earthquake in Japan's recorded history, 8.9 where we were in Tokyo

2) I'm half French

3) I really HATE bananas

What’s the one thing you do every day to feel badass:

I made a New Year resolution in 2017 to try and do something at least once a week that scares me and takes me out of my comfort zone. I have tried very hard to stick to that. Possibly one of the reasons I'm with Boom now!!!!!!

You can find Tom rocking rides at Battersea, Hammersmith and Holborn - Check out his timetable here.