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It's new instructor, Fiona!

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It's new instructor, Fiona!

Fiona is a seasoned fitness professional who has enjoyed a lifelong affair with both exercise and the dance floor. In both she leads from the front, so expect to be taken on a journey that will challenge you both physically and mentally to deliver those endorphin highs.

Where were you born: 



19th December

Job outside of Boom:

Fashion Supplier & Personal Trainer.

What made you decide to become a Boom instructor:

I loved the fun vibes of Boom from Day 1 and wanted to be part of a brand that champions inclusivity and empowerment. 

Taste in music:

Soulful house, RnB, hip hop

Favourite song EVER:

It’s Sean Escoffrey’s Days Like This. I associate so many good memories with this song. Without fail it has me smiling and dancing.

3 facts people may not expect about you:

I play the piano (badly); I can fall asleep anywhere & in any position; I spend a lot of time upside down!

What’s the one thing you do  every day to feel badass:

I’m an early riser so start my day with some morning meditation on my rooftop for a quiet moment to check in with myself.  This perfectly sets me up for the day.

You can find Fiona rocking rides at Battersea and Hammersmith - Check out her timetable here.