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"We give our best, every single time."

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"We give our best, every single time."

Fancy yourself as an instructor? Want to command a room and have an impact on peoples' day?

With several weeks' training involved in Boom Cycle instructor training, we caught up with Dean of Boomiversity, Bangs to find out why so much time and effort is put into delivering a top-class team of instructors...

The Auditions

"Obviously, we look for people who have great ability on the bike, can follow instruction easily and pick things up quickly, but past that, it’s about spotting that magic in someone. We look for people with an indescribable energy - something that just draws you to them, makes you want to pay attention. They command the room and something about them just makes you feel good."

The Training Process

"The training program is around six weeks. We go through building playlists - figuring out what music works and what doesn’t and how to formulate your musical selections into a great flowing class (which is quite a fine art in and of itself!). We spend a lot of time refining the choreography to each of your chosen tracks to ensure that they’re fun and challenging, yet not alienating to anyone who might be new to Boom. But the real work is in teaching newbie instructors how to connect with riders, how to make the studio and their classes a space where people feel welcome, encouraged and free to let loose. We’re all about ‘the feeling’ at Boom and it’s something we really pride ourselves on, so we spend a lot of time ensuring our newbie instructors understand how to channel that."


Boomiversity - It takes time and effort

"Personally, when I take fitness classes elsewhere, I can really tell when the instructor isn’t really that into it - when the passion just isn’t really there, they’re just going through the motions and picking up their pay cheque. That’s the last thing I would ever want any of our riders to feel about our instructors. I think it’s a huge deal for people to pay money and give up their free time to spend it with us. We have an obligation to give our absolute best every single time.

That’s why we put so much time into the training - to ensure our instructors understand the gravity of that responsibility. We’ve built such a great environment here at Boom (for riders and instructors alike) and everything about the training program is geared towards both preserving an elevating that, so we continue to grow in a really positive way.

On top of all the work of just figuring out what you’re doing on the bike, we include acting classes, a life coach and various other workshops as part of the training, to help our instructors understand that success at Boom lies beyond your ability to simply make people sweat. And I think that’s what makes Boomiversity different."


Boom instructors are special

"They’re just such a great group of people! Everyone brings their own vibe and energy. They’re all super passionate about Boom and always do everything they can to make sure they’re bringing their absolute best to their classes and everyone around them. I’ve honestly never worked with a better bunch of people."


Want to join?

"Firstly, make sure you’ve been to a lot of Boom Cycle classes. Your chances at the auditions are much better if we can clearly see you’re familiar with our moves, our vibe and what we’re about.

Secondly, it’s really important to consider if you really have the time to commit to being an instructor. Once you make it through the auditions, the training is really full on, but then so is being an instructor in general. Putting together your playlists and figuring out all your choreography for each class is really time consuming. Being an instructor is all about letting your ego go and giving your energy to other people and as wonderful and rewarding as it is, it can also be physically and emotionally exhausting. It’s worth really think about that if you’re considering it as a ‘gig on the side’. Instructing works best for those who have a flexible working schedule and can really dedicate the time needed to put together successful classes.

And finally, we love big personalities, plenty of sass, anyone with a performing background is great for a position like this. If you know how to command a room and have killer moves both on and off a bike, it’s definitely worth coming to see us on audition day!"